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Corona – A worst yet best experience

Corona – A worst yet best  experience

This time is very unique!

Be it a filmstar or worker, be it a politician or common man, everyone are locked into their homes. Before this time, everyone was praying and eagerly awaiting for weekends, most of the people go to their work having hopes in minds that Sunday will come soon. But now that same people are feeling it as a jail.

Everyone is missing those start of day by mesmerizing chirping of birds. Everyone wants that hectic yet precious mornings in which they were hurridely eating breakfast and tea and begin with the day.

Everyone’s ears awaiting to hear the sound of “Gaadiche paydan ani phaltya madhil antaravar laksha dya” (“Please mind the gap between  the footboard and platform while arriving on the train“). Those rush hours and struggle to board the locals which was supposed to be the curse and headache for all mumbaikars is now feeling like a dream to be come true and blessings. Those thelas of vadapav, samosa, bhajiya, those 5-6 hours of shoppings in malls, those 3 hours of films in theatre, those golden times of hangouts with friends in CCD and McDonalds have now became like an assests which no one can buy even with crores of rupees. Thinking by this perspective everyone  is now cursing corona because it made their lives monotonous, miserable and a curse.

But every coin has two sides. Anything in this world can’t have only one side. So be it the killer virus Corona. It is said that “Difficulties is part of life but handling those difficulties is an art of life”. Corona has taught everyone the art of life.

The Indian tradition of Namastey before corona was hardly being adopted in our country. No question arises about other countries! But now after corona our this tradition of Namastey has become popular worldwide and has accepted whole heartedly by each and everyone.

Earlier people had no humanity for each and everyone. But now everyone are helping and assisting each other in all the possible ways they can. Someone is donating food, someone is trying to send people to their homes and so on.

The person who used to bath twice in  a week , also is washing hands for 20 seconds on a regular basis! Our country India by supplying the hydorochloroquine to other countries, created an example of brotherhood, humanity and love! Devils in the mask of humans who used to eat anything like cockroaches, dog, snake and many more to count, have now mostly switched towards vegetables and fruits.

Concrete jungles like Mumbai and Delhi where there used to be millions of vehicles running on the road for 22 hours a day and creating tonnes  of pollution is now healing. Except corona, no news of rape, thefts, robbery, corruption and terrorism in television! Animals and birds are roaming freely without any fear. Rivers and lakes are free of toxic substances. People who used to hangout with friends and colleagues in clubs, parties and social gatherings are now playing ludo and cards with their families. Literally, corona has imbibed the importance of family bond, love, support, respect in everyone’s mind! No littering over the roads, no pollution,healing of mother earth.

Actually corona is not curse to mankind but the fact is Mankind is a curse to mother earth! Nature has its own way of teaching lesson. And this time no exemption to mankind for the offence which he used to commit from hundreds of years and may be continuing in future if corona might not happened.

Hope everyone will take a lesson from this experience and will think about mother earth by changing their way of living!!!

Written By – Swati Reddy

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